Thankyou for choosing to work with, Goya Gang, JM music/III.
I appreciate everyone supporting my craft. I hope my art means as much to you as it does to me.
I work hard giving you the best up to date material that reflex my past experiences and my views of the world we live in today. We are in a time of enlightenment. Where artist have a direct connection with their supporters. You are the key factor for artist to continue to birth creations into the world.
 I provide services for such as videography, engineering, artist royalty services and website development.
I make music and help other artist organize their art to present to the public that understand our views as artist. -Joey Mondeca

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  1. Hello. Where can I find the lyrics for "made in America"? It is the best hiphop song I heard in my life. Not exaggerating. Thank you